Mar 25

The British Office Supplies and Services Federation (BOSS) in conjunction with their partner the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF), today urgently called for further direct support for the business supplies sector and the printing industry during the coronavirus crisis.

BOSS, as the voice of the UK supplies and services industry (with a £10 billion turnover) highlighted to Government that it’s members are directly related to maintaining the productivity of businesses through key distribution of products and services to businesses, schools and hospitals throughout the UK.

With the additional weight of the BPIF who represent the printing industry (with a £14 billion turnover) they jointly reported unprecedented pressures on their industries and members, the vast majority of whom are small and medium sized enterprises.

Central to both Federation’s lobbying efforts are a number of measures that they have asked the Government to implement. These include:

Extending Business Rates Relief beyond the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors, in order to match the economic impact being felt more widely across UK business

Widening of the key worker category to include skilled workers in key manufacturing supply chains

Deferment of VAT, PAYE and NIC payments, direct support for companies and individuals to reduce and avoid the impact of layoffs, 6 months delay to the implementation of the increase in the National Minimum Wage.

They are also calling for:

Specific and immediate support and guidance to lend confidence that employees can be retained and paid during the business downturn

For companies having to consider lay-offs, measures to help affected staff must be backed by Government the two Federations have stated.

Amy Hutchinson, BOSS Federation CEO commented: “With events changing daily, further support is needed from government to help our sector and the wider economy through this challenging period and to enable businesses to rebuild effectively when it is over. Urgent measures are needed now to ensure that companies are able to stay afloat and retain their staff. We appreciate the government’s efforts to engage with us so far